/steɪdʒ / (say stayj)

1. a single step or degree in a process; a particular period in a process of development.
2. a raised platform or floor, as for speakers, performers, etc.
3. Theatre
a. the platform in a theatre on which the actors perform.
b. this platform with all the parts of the theatre, and all the apparatus behind the proscenium.
4. the theatre, the drama, or the dramatic profession.
5. the scene of any action.
6. a stagecoach.
7. Also, staging post. a regular stopping place of a stagecoach or the like, for the change of horses, etc.
8. the distance between two places of rest on a journey; each of the portions of a journey.
9. a portion or period of a course of action, of life, etc.
10. NZ each year in the study of a university subject.
11. Zoology
a. any one of the major time periods in the development of an insect, as the embryonic, larval, pupal, and imaginal stages.
b. any one of the periods of larval growth between moults.
12. Economics, Sociology a major phase of the economic or sociological life of people or society: the matriarchal stage.
13. Geology a division of stratified rocks next in rank to series, representing deposits formed during the fraction of an epoch that is called an age.
14. the small platform of a microscope on which the object is examined.
15. Radio a part of a complex circuit, as a transistor and its associated passive elements in an amplifier having several transistors.
16. a powered section of a rocket which can be jettisoned after firing.
verb (staged, staging)
verb (t)
17. to put, represent, or exhibit on or as on a stage.
18. to furnish with a stage or staging.
19. to write, direct, or produce (a play) as if the action were taking place in a specific place or period of time.
20. to plan, organise, or carry out (an action) in which each participant has a specific task to perform.
21. to arrange; set up, as for a particular event: he staged a comeback.
22. to break (a journey) in a particular location, so as to rest.
verb (i)
23. to be suitable for presentation on the stage: to stage well.
24. to make a lengthy stay as part of a journey: to stage in Europe for six weeks.
25. Obsolete to travel by stagecoach.
26. by easy stages, without rushing; working or travelling with many stops.
27. go on the stage, to take up acting as a career.
28. hold the stage, to be the centre of attention.
29. on stage, performing on a stage: she was on stage at the time.
30. take centre stage, to behave so as to attract attention.
{Middle English, from Old French estage, from Latin stāre stand}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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